Rybrook Accident Management

Rybrook Accident Management

Rybrook Accident Management Service. If you’re unfortunate to ever be involved in an accident with your BMW and you’re unable to drive on, simply call free on 01902 457000 and the free BMW Accident Recovery Service will be on hand to transport you to your nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop. And what’s best is that it won’t cost you a thing, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not.

Once with us and your consent given, your BMW will be returned to its original EURO NCAP safety ratings using only Genuine BMW Parts and materials. Remember, you’re entitled to request for a BMW Approved Bodyshop to look after your car following an accident, at no extra cost to you, where you can be assured of the highest standard repair.

The Rybrook  Accident Management Service also includes:

- an equivalent replacement vehicle (none fault Accidents). - comprehensive insurance management - just leave it to us. - manufacturers approved repairs with a lifetime guarantee.

What's more everything we do falls under our Bodyshop Customer Promise. The following points outline our commitment to you:

- Following an accident our employees will support you and your insurer with advice and guidance.

- We will work with your insurer to make sure that you are not left stranded.

- When you contact us, we will respond promptly.

- Our employees are trained to BMW Standards maintaining the highest levels of quality.

- We only use BMW Approved repair methods ensuring a safe repair.

- We will always use Genuine BMW Parts and paint.

- We will ensure that you are kept informed during the repair process.

- Following the repair of your vehicle, the BMW anti corrosion warranty will remain in place.

- We will return your car to you washed and vacuumed.

- We will issue you with a BMW Approved Certificate of repair which guarantees our quality of workmanship for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle  All you need to do is call Rybrook 01902 457000